About Us

Tony Cisneros


     The process of creating takes me outside the rhythm of every day life helping me see the world in unexpected ways.  I express my visions through ceramic art in both functional and decorative work.  

     Classical shapes with radiant finishes are my passion.   Yet, I have a nagging desire to mess with my work; to distort it, pushing the boundaries of “beauty” in art.

     Serving as Art Handler, Team Coordinator at the Cleveland Museum of Art provides me with daily inspiration.  I have had the opportunity to handle and examine up close great art from every age in every medium.  This has profoundly affected my work.  I am forever grateful for both the inspiration and the means to express.

Lisa Beth Allen

     By nature and training I am a person of words and ideas.  After decades as a professional theatre artist I had two accidents leaving me with disability challenges.  I met Tony in 2006 a year after the first injury and began exploring clay.  It was incredibly freeing to create in a medium in which I had no expectations.  Five years later as I was about to receive my MFA in creative writing having climbed out of the pit of accident recovery a truck hit a car in which I was a passenger.  

     In the ensuing years as I let go of a very public professional life I needed a new creative, expressive outlet.  In the quiet of a solitary art studio I discovered a lifeline, color and form.  They move me as deeply as words and ideas.  They ignite my curiosity and delight my senses.  I feel truly blessed!”